GrimGrimoire OnceMore Remastered Game's Trailer Reveals, Previews Cast

Nippon Ichi Software began streaming the third promotional video for GrimGrimoire OnceMore, its remaster of Vanillware's GrimGrimoire PlayStation 2 game, for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The video reveals and previews new cast members.

The cast includes:

Iori Saeki as Lillet Blan Naoya Miyase as Bartido Ballentyne Miharu Hanai as Margarita Surprise Ryūnosuke Watanuki as Surley Yuta Aoki as Hiram Menthe Miho Morisaki as Amoretta Virgine Teruo Seki as Gammel Dore Hiromichi Tezuka as Advocat Akari Kageyama as Opalnaria Rain Kazuyoshi Hayashi as Chartruese Grande Michitake Kikuchi as Calvaros Wakana Maruoka as Lujei Piche Eriko Matsui as Gaff

The game will launch in Japan on July 28.

The 2D real-time strategy game's remaster will include improved high-resolution visuals, new voice recordings, and new features such as "Great Magic" and "Skill Trees." There will be new fast-forward and in-battle save options, as well as a new hard difficulty.

The original game launched for PS2 in 2007 in Japan and in the West.

Sources: Nippon Ichi Software's YouTube channel, 4Gamer (簗島)

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