Rune Factory 4 Special Game Gets Release on PS4, Xbox One

XSEED Games revealed on Sunday that it will release the Rune Factory 4 Special game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in North America this fall.

XSEED Games released the game in North America for Nintendo Switch in February 2020. Marvelous released the game in Europe and Australia that same month. The game released in Japan in July 2019.

The game is a remaster of Rune Factory 4. Developer Neverland released Rune Factory 4 for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan in July 2012, and XSEED Games released the game in North America in October 2013. Neverland filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and the release was canceled in Europe.

The Rune Factory series combines RPG elements such as dungeon-crawling with farming game elements such as raising animals (monsters). In Rune Factory 4, the player is a prince or princess who can manage a village. The new version offers new stories about "newlywed" life, after the player marries one of the townspeople.

Marvelous' Rune Factory 5 Nintendo Switch game launched in Japan on May 20 and will release in English in early 2022.

Source: XSEED Games' YouTube channel

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